November 5, 2023

Understanding the Role of a Virtual Tax Preparer: Beyond the Basics

Your Virtual Tax Preparer

The world of tax preparation has evolved dramatically with the onset of digital advancements. One of the significant shifts has been the rise of virtual tax preparers. While the term might sound futuristic, its concept is straightforward and, in many ways, a natural progression in the tax industry. But what does a virtual tax preparer really do, and how does it differ from traditional tax services? Let’s explore.

Defining the Virtual Tax Preparer

At its core, a virtual tax preparer offers the same services as a traditional tax preparer, but they do so remotely. Utilizing secure online platforms, clients can upload their financial documents, communicate directly with the tax preparer, and receive expert advice without ever stepping foot in an office.

The Breadth of Services

Virtual tax preparers aren’t limited to just filing your annual taxes. Their range of services often includes:

Tax Planning: Advising clients on strategies to minimize tax liability, considering permissible deductions, credits, and exemptions.

Financial Analysis: Reviewing financial statements to ensure accuracy and compliance with laws.

Audits and Discrepancies: Assisting clients in the event of a tax audit or if discrepancies arise with filed returns.

Continuous Support: Providing year-round tax support, not just during the tax season.

Benefits of Using a Virtual Tax Preparer

Flexibility: Clients can interact with their tax preparer at their convenience, whether that’s late in the evening or on weekends. This flexibility is especially beneficial for those with busy schedules.

Saves Time: No more long waits at a tax preparer’s office. Everything, from consultations to document submissions, can be done online, saving valuable time.

Geographical Reach: You can work with the best professionals, regardless of their physical location. If there’s a tax expert across the country who specializes in your particular needs, virtual services make it possible to connect with them.

Digital Record Keeping: All documents, correspondences, and tax files are stored securely online, ensuring easy access whenever needed.

The Personal Touch

One might wonder, with the shift to virtual, do we lose the personal touch? The answer is a resounding no. Virtual tax preparers often prioritize building strong client relationships. Regular video calls, chats, and prompt email responses ensure clients feel connected, valued, and understood.


The shift towards virtual tax preparation is indicative of a broader move in various industries towards online, customer-centric solutions. The benefits of flexibility, accessibility, and efficiency make the choice of a virtual tax preparer not just viable but, for many, preferable. As technology continues to advance and offer more streamlined services, the role of the virtual tax preparer is set to become even more integral in the financial landscape.

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Your Virtual Tax Preparer

November 5, 2023


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